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R-L.COMcredits offermotormouth3s
R-L.COM600xcreditspink zefram: infinite3s
R-L.COMforest green wildcat ears200xcredits4s
cobalt wildcat ears200xcredits
lime wildcat ears200xcredits
black halo400xcredits
biomass [black market]90xcredits
fire god [black market]420xcredits
hex tide [black market]160xcredits
crimson hex tide [black market]1550xcredits
orange gravity bomb890xcredits
heatwave [black market]480xcredits
wet paint [black market]80xcredits
hexed [black market]80xcredits
R-L.COMpink pixel pointer20xcredits11s
purple pixel pointer20xcredits
cobalt pixel pointer20xcredits
sky blue tarnation20xcredits
burnt sienna tarnation20xcredits
lime tarnation20xcredits
burnt sienna laser wave iii70xcredits
tactician laser wave iii50xcredits
R-L.COMimperator dt540xcredits15s
animus gp40xcredits
20xcreditsbreakout type-s
20xcreditsjager 619
20xcreditsdominus gt
R-L.COMburnt sienna overgrowth30xcredits24s
sky blue overgrowth50xcredits
orange overgrowth40xcredits
crimson overgrowth60xcredits
forest green overgrowth40xcredits
grey overgrowth40xcredits
lime overgrowth40xcredits
purple overgrowth50xcredits
saffron overgrowth40xcredits
pink overgrowth60xcredits
R-L.COMburnt sienna halo80xcredits26s
titanium white foam hat200xcredits
black foam hat150xcredits
black yuzo300xcredits
anodized pearl100xcredits
black apparatus60xcredits
pink apparatus: inverted300xcredits
black stern500xcredits
R-L.COMlime hexed [black market]200xcredits29s
titanium white chantico [octane]200xcredits
black christmas tree [octane]150xcredits
dragon lord [octane]50xcredits
striker dragon lord [octane]100xcredits
forest green dragon lord [octane]100xcredits
grey dragon lord [octane]100xcredits
titanium white dragon lord [octane]150xcredits
forest green maverick gxt90xcredits
killer griller [octane]50xcredits
R-L.COM20xcredits24xpainted set limited offer44s
50xcreditsnon-crate exotic offer
10xcreditsnon-crate import offer
R-L.COMgrey sub-zero1000xcredits46s
orange sub-zero700xcredits
black wet paint [black market]250xcredits
crimson fantasmo [dominus]400xcredits
titanium white jolt bangle iii350xcredits
mainframe [black market]650xcredits
orange interstellar [black market]1300xcredits
saffron mainframe [black market]900xcredits
titanium white zomba1930xcredits
titanium white cristiano: infinite900xcredits
R-L.COM350xcreditsblack hardline [fennec]52s
credits offerblack hardline [fennec] blueprint
R-L.COMdragon [octane]70xcredits1m2s
black yorebands [fennec]140xblack credits
thanatos [octane]140xcredits
shisa [octane]140xcredits
pearlescent [matte]100xcredits
DISCORD0.37 / 100cr cashapp only1m5s
saffron reaper ge22k pc or usd 90 cashapp
cashapphigh tier items
cashappalpha cap
R-L.COMexotic offer100xcredits1m6s
non-crate exotic offer80xcredits
import offer25xcredits
non-crate import offer25xcredits
very rare offer25xcredits
non-crate very rare offer25xcredits
dire wolf100xcredits
gale-fire [octane]80xcredits
black stern500xcredits
R-L.COM350xcreditstitanium white dire wolf1m6s
260xcreditsblack dire wolf
250xcreditslime dire wolf
210xcreditsforest green dire wolf
260xcreditssaffron dire wolf
310xcreditspurple dire wolf
310xcreditsorange dire wolf
310xcreditspink dire wolf
260xcreditssky blue dire wolf
260xcreditscrimson dire wolf
DISCORD50kany offer1m8s
21.6k / 8k / 2.6ktw dominus / tw octane / tw fennec
5.5k / 2.3k / 1.9k / 2ktw mainframe / tw interstellar / tw 20xx / shattered tw
1260cr / 1020crinterstellar / stipple gait
610cr / 550 crdissolver / mainframe
220cr / 210020xx / storm watch / thermal orange
400 / 380 / 270crmamba / fennec / dingo
820 / 750 / 570crcrimson / sky blue / lime octanes
1020 / 480crblack standard / tw standard
620cr / 600crdueling dragons / gravity bomb / reaper
1050сr / 450 / crtw dune racer / emerald tw / any color
1.7k / 2500crtw zomba / tw reaper
120 / 80 / 80cr / 70golden lanterns / golden gifts / golden moon / golden gift basket '22 
13k / 60 / 20crgolden nugget / anodized pearl / anodized
50 / 10 / 10 / 10crnce / nci / ncvr / 5ncr
R-L.COM600xcreditsgold halcyon: revolved1m13s
1700xcreditstitanium white zomba
1050xcreditsstipple gait [black market]
950xcreditstidal stream [black market]
2300xcreditstitanium white interstellar [black market]
100xcreditstitanium white affluenter [global]
5600xcreditsblack veloce
1500xcreditstitanium white fennec
420xcreditstitanium white astro-csx
wet paint150cr
hex tide180cr
fire god420cr
DISCORD2600crundermin offer1m25s
black standard1150cr
black oem vr700cr
nci20cr each
ncvr15cr each
ncr10cr each
DISCORDtw r3mx gxt50cr1m25s
tw tyranno gxt50cr
tw harbinger gxt50cr
tw nexus sc50cr
tw ronin gxt70cr
black guardian gxt100cr
tw guardian gxt200cr
DISCORDcrundermin offers1m25s
fennec450cr or offers
1520 crany painted standards undermin
cosmosis'scr offer
andozied pearl90 cr
tunica x2120
neural network'soffers
tora decal80-100 cr
200+ painted limiteds10 per
painted cert nce90 cr
lightshow tw10-30 cr
R-L.COMtitanium white octane, shattered, purple flamethrower, burnt sienna standard, forest green enchanter, w.i.p. [global], polygrid, grey oem, reaper, burnt sienna abtruse [octane]credits offer, offer1m26s
DISCORDoctane nice shot forest green3501m26s
DISCORD100+ reps which you can check in we can also call mm < 360498982331351061>1m27s
DISCORDa few good items80 usd amazon1m27s
DISCORD< 709532007624998962>, usd 0.37-0.38 / 100 credits crypto / skrill / bank transfer / cash app / paypal, 40k+ credits, 40k+ credits, all painted tunica / painted diecis / painted octanes / painted fennecs / painted zombas / painted standards / bms / painted bms / other items, crypto / skrillcredits - negotiable < 709532007624998962>, eur 0.43 / 100 credits paypal f&f - negotiable < 709532007624998962>, usd 0.42 / 100 crypto [ltc,btc,eth,usdt, other coins] / skrill / bank transfer / cash app - negotiable < 709532007624998962>, crypto / cash app / skrill < 709532007624998962>, painted tunica / black dieci / beta nugget / tw dominus / tw octane / tw mainframe / black tunica / black veloce / other items i have 1300+ reputation, which you can check on < 361634794217537539> 1m27s
R-L.COM1050xcreditsstipple gait [black market]1m27s
950xcreditstidal stream [black market]
1700xcreditstitanium white zomba
2300xcreditstitanium white interstellar [black market]
8200xcreditsblack tunica
5600xcreditsblack veloce
100xcreditstitanium white affluenter [global]
600xcreditsgold halcyon: revolved
430xcreditstitanium white astro-csx
DISCORDblack stern vroffer or cr1m27s
offer and crshade raid
DISCORD200k+ credits, 2 cert tw octanes,8 gold nuggets etc...cs go items and good offers1m28s
DISCORDtw rlcs dominus400cr1m28s
black rlcs x octane300cr
DISCORDblack hellfire2800cr1m28s
black phoenix cannon2000cr
tw carbonator1900cr
tw neuro agitator1900cr
black neuro agitator1700cr
grey air strike1300cr
black meteor storm1300cr
pink neuro agitator600cr
DISCORDtw dieci1700cr1m28s
grey reaper wheels600cr
DISCORDtw fennec2700cr1m29s
crimson fennec950cr
grey fennec850cr
sky blue fennec850cr
tw halo700 cr
magma200 cr
black emerald250 cr
skyblue dune race250 cr
purple dynamo300 cr
cristiano130 cr
big splash60 cr
andoized pearl120 cr
anodized70 cr
DISCORDblack stern vroffer or cr1m30s
crshade raid
DISCORDblack interstellar2300cr1m30s
tw 20xx1650cr
orange interstellar1300cr
purple 20xx700cr
grey 20xx450cr
R-L.COMpurple halo200xcredits1m49s
R-L.COMcrisis [peregrine tt]50xcredits1m52s
90xcreditsgolden gift '21
900xcredits10xgolden gift '21
90xcreditsgolden moon
1800xcredits20xgolden moon
60xcreditsnon-crate exotic offer
titanium white overgrowth150xcredits
grey standard300xcredits
R-L.COMsky blue nomad gxt, crimson nomad gxt, grey nomad gxt, black nomster, cobalt nomster, titanium white fuzzee [global], black fuzzee [global], titanium white pulpo: infinite, titanium white blinkpad [nomad gxt], black dream beam100xcredits1m57s
R-L.COM10xcredits, credits offerpurple octane, purple dune racer [octane], purple photon, purple standard, purple night-mare, purple solar flare, purple shade raid, butterflies, purple riser, purple phoenix fire2m3s
R-L.COM14xgolden lantern '213220xcredits2m4s
9xnon-crate very rare offer360xcredits
titanium white lift-off180xcredits
anodized pearl120xcredits
windblast [octane]50xcredits
titanium white halo750xcredits
turtle 20xx [black market]340xcredits
R-L.COMcrimson startrack blueprint90xcredits2m4s
forest green startrack blueprint90xcredits
black emerald240xcredits
sunset 198670xcredits
saffron clockwork130xcredits
titanium white startrack blueprint150xcredits
crimson startrack blueprint80xcredits
abtruse [octane]60xcredits
vaporwave [octane]40xcredits
R-L.COMlime ion9xoffer2m14s
R-L.COM670xcreditsdueling dragons2m17s
670xcreditsdueling dragons
670xcreditsdueling dragons
670xcreditsdueling dragons
R-L.COMjuggler mainframe [black market]600xcredits2m27s
dueling dragons700xcredits
biomass [black market]100xcredits
purple fennec800xcredits
grey octane400xcredits
R-L.COM50xcreditsnon-crate exotic offer2m28s
10xcreditsnon-crate import offer
20xcredits24xpainted set limited offer
HAVE: 3xkey
WANT: biomass
0 - bad
very good - 100
The RLI Trade Score indicates the quality of an offer based on going market prices on all analyzed sites by RL Insider. The Score takes into account item pricing, volatility and sellability but does not analyze trends.