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R-L.COM3170xcreditsblack veloce2s
2370xcreditsblack tunica
1620xcreditsblack stern
1360xcreditsblack oem
2120xcreditstitanium white fennec
810xcreditsblack standard
260xcreditscrimson standard
510xcreditstitanium white standard
1520xcreditstitanium white zomba
R-L.COM900xcreditscrimson octane4s
600xcreditssky blue octane
200xcreditsorange octane
200xcreditscobalt octane
200xcreditspink octane
200xcreditsforest green octane
350xcreditspurple octane
300xcreditssaffron octane
350xcreditslime octane
200xcreditsgrey octane
DISCORDonly limited and 2 exoticsto trade? i start playing 1 week ago and4s
DISCORD10500crtw octane5s
9900crblack dieci
3100crblack veloce
2400crblack tunica
1700crblack stern
saffron draco260c
cobalt vortexoffer
1300crblack oem
DISCORDhalo set, bs octane, cobalt striker invader, exotic nc wheels, tw proton, black proton, striker pink fsl-b, fg fennec edge burst, offer1600cr or tw zombas, 150cr, 100cr, credits, 750cr, 650cr, 500cr, 200cr, fg and orange devil horn, sb royal crown, sb unicorn horn6s
R-L.COM750xcredits20xx [black market]9s
700xcreditschameleon [black market]
1150xcreditsmainframe [black market]
1300xcreditsheatwave [black market]
950xcreditsfire god [black market]
1000xcreditstitanium white draco
1150xcreditstitanium white zomba
500xcreditstrigon [black market]
R-L.COMtitanium white glaive blueprint100xcredits11s
DISCORDwhite mainframe striker14800 credits12s
black hex tide2500 credits
20xx1200 credits
dissolver2200 credits
white neuro-agitator striker21000 credits
white meteor storm striker5500 credits
white meteor storm3100 credits
black shattered3400 credits
300storm watch
950fire god
DISCORD5 credits eachchakram default [no cert]15s
5 credits eachuncle sam
10 credits eachuncommon / exotic trade-up wheels
20 credits eachchakram painteds [no cert]
40 credits eachnon-crate imports
DISCORD800 creditsgrey atomizer15s
R-L.COMtitanium white diomedesoffer16s
sky blue diomedesoffer
orange diomedesoffer
saffron burnoutoffer
saffron lift-offoffer
sky blue lift-offoffer
R-L.COM10xcreditsequalizer, fgsp, gernot, hikari p5, hypnotik, illuminata, infinium, k2, kalos, lobo16s
DISCORD21 000 credits96 eur / 105 usd pp16s
R-L.COMultralex blueprint, titanium white stella: inverted blueprint, forest green glaive: inverted blueprint, lime zigzag blueprint, truncheon blueprint, purple ombre [fennec] blueprint, flamerate blueprint, pixel fire blueprint, orbit blueprint, black reticleglaive: inverted, dot matrix [dominus], 100xcredits, credits offer, import offer, limited offer, non-crate very rare offer, very rare offer, offer17s
R-L.COM1700xcreditstitanium white fennec19s
650xcreditscrimson fennec
500xcreditslime fennec
550xcreditssky blue fennec
500xcreditssaffron fennec
600xcreditsgrey fennec
550xcreditspurple fennec
550xcreditspink fennec
500xcreditscobalt fennec
R-L.COM1010xcreditscrimson octane22s
660xcreditssky blue octane
360xcreditslime octane
310xcreditssaffron octane
360xcreditspurple octane
260xcreditscobalt octane
260xcreditsorange octane
260xcreditsforest green octane
210xcreditspink octane
210xcreditsgrey octane
R-L.COMcrimson lightning, lime lightning, furry, forest green sparkles, pink plasma, purple octane, dominus gt, grey binary, forest green road hog10xoffer23s
R-L.COMjager 619 rs90xcredits24s
titanium white breakout240xcredits
orange fennec710xcredits
titanium white spiralis r2650xcredits
black twinzer290xcredits
titanium white lightning290xcredits
titanium white sparkles340xcredits
crimson sparkles290xcredits
purple sparkles290xcredits
R-L.COMtitanium white fantasmo [dominus]700xcredits26s
titanium white endo530xcredits
crimson draco750xcredits
titanium white wet paint [black market]2000xcredits
titanium white meteor storm2800xcredits
knitted yarn50xcredits
lightning yellow50xcredits
STEAMstorm watch / sky blue werewolf350 credits / 60 credits29s
purple fennec820xcredits
non-crate very rare offer60xcredits
3xuncommon offer10xcredits
sunset 1986100xcredits
forest green trigon [black market]790xcredits
260xcreditswet paint [black market]
10xcreditspixel fire
R-L.COMoffer, limited offer, credits offerorange yuzo, sky blue yuzo, black standard, burnt sienna standard, sky blue sparkles, saffron sacred, lime sacred, pink plasma31s
R-L.COMsky blue lobo790xcredits32s
grey lobo890xcredits
forest green lobo790xcredits
cobalt lobo890xcredits
burnt sienna lobo490xcredits
black lobo1990xcredits
rl esports90xcredits
titanium white voltaic770xcredits
grey juggler voltaic260xcredits
R-L.COMtitanium white zomba1650xcredits33s
crimson octane1130xcredits
titanium white draco1290xcredits
slipstream [black market]780xcredits
crimson fennec950xcredits
titanium white shattered3250xcredits
titanium white singularity2350xcredits
titanium white gripstride hx: inverted600xcredits
black reactor540xcredits
titanium white mantis390xcredits
R-L.COM10xcreditslooper, neyoyo, p-simm, p-simm: inverted, photon, pulsus, pyrrhos, raijin, reactor, reevrb36s
R-L.COMgrey fsl-b, black sacred, lime flamethrower, cobalt datastream, black datastream, pink breakout, titanium white galvan10xoffer40s
R-L.COMmagma [black market]450xcredits40s
spectre [black market]320xcredits
mainframe [black market]1330xcredits
party time640xcredits
R-L.COMsky blue werewolf, crimson nimbussentinel46s
R-L.COMtumbling blocks [octane], jager 619 rs, blender, straight-line, sniper fireworks, crimson cirrus10xoffer47s
R-L.COMgolden gift '18130xcredits51s
golden lantern80xcredits
R-L.COMtitanium white mainframe [black market]6950xcredits53s
dissolver [black market]1950xcredits
titanium white trigon [black market]1450xcredits
glorifier [black market]1490xcredits
bubbly [black market]1090xcredits
titanium white neuro-agitator3350xcredits
titanium white diestro700xcredits
pink fennec790xcredits
titanium white twinzer440xcredits
titanium white werewolf290xcredits
R-L.COMblack metalwork: inverted, lime reactor, titanium white royal crown, titanium white triplex, burnt sienna spiralis r2, striker toon, titanium white sacred, grey spiralis, sky blue spiralis2260xcredits, offer55s
R-L.COM1110xcreditstitanium white draco56s
610xcreditscrimson draco
560xcreditssky blue draco
210xcreditsforest green draco
460xcreditspurple draco
310xcreditscobalt draco
160xcreditsblack draco
160xcreditssaffron draco
160xcreditsgrey draco
210xcreditspink draco
R-L.COM10xcreditsroulette, santa fe, turbine, voltaic, wonderment, zomba, zowie, zowie: infinite, exotic offer56s
R-L.COM750xcredits20xx [black market]57s
250xcreditsbiomass [black market]
950xcreditsbubbly [black market]
800xcreditschameleon [black market]
950xcreditsfire god [black market]
650xcreditshex tide [black market]
150xcreditshexed [black market]
250xcreditsintrudium [black market]
250xcreditslabyrinth [black market]
350xcreditsmagma [black market]
R-L.COMtitanium white chikara gxt, crimson nimbus, sky blue werewolfronin gxt, dimonix: inverted58s
R-L.COM120xcreditstitanium white animus gp1m0s
400xcreditstitanium white endo
R-L.COM2000xcredits, toontitanium white fennec1m3s
R-L.COMsaffron hikari p5, purple sacred, crimson dimonix: inverted, grey flamethrower, titanium white chakram, black dynamo, titanium white quasar iii, black roulette, pink fsl-b2200xcredits, offer1m4s
R-L.COMblack chakram2xdominus gt, 2xjager 619 rs, 2xendo1m10s
R-L.COMblack wet paint [black market], titanium white striker twinzer, black spiralis r2, orange ninja, titanium white draco, crimson trigon [black market], labyrinth [black market]offer1m11s
R-L.COM180xcreditsblack draco1m12s
1100xcreditstitanium white draco
150xcreditsgrey draco
650xcreditscrimson draco
550xcreditssky blue draco
550xcreditsblack zomba
1480xcreditstitanium white zomba
200xcreditsgrey zomba
300xcreditscrimson zomba
500xcreditssky blue zomba
R-L.COM30xcreditsbeaten egg, calculated, junk food, nice slice, moai, pigeon, salty, starbase arc, unicorn, non-crate very rare offer1m13s
R-L.COM170xcreditstitanium white animus gp1m15s
170xcreditstitanium white mantis
130xcreditstitanium white nimbus
350xcreditstitanium white samurai
310xcreditstitanium white maverick gxt
330xcreditstitanium white sentinel
410xcreditstitanium white cyclone
420xcreditstitanium white jager 619 rs
430xcreditstitanium white diestro
450xcreditstitanium white endo
R-L.COMtitanium white show-off crl eastern [dominus]7190xcredits1m16s
titanium white crl northern [octane]7490xcredits
titanium white crl southern [dominus]6890xcredits
titanium white nice shot [octane]5990xcredits
titanium white apex34990xcredits
titanium white rlcs [octane]4990xcredits
titanium white rlcs [dominus]2350xcredits
titanium white hot rod2190xcredits
titanium white helios22790xcredits
grey helios3290xcredits
R-L.COMblack 20xx [black market]credits offer, black market offer1m19s
R-L.COMsaffron draco, sky blue wall breaker ii, forest green wall breaker ii, titanium white visionary, black dragon lord [octane], titanium white kablooey, purple sacred, purple clockwork, black laser wave iii2140xcredits, offer1m28s
HAVE: 3xkey
WANT: biomass
0 - bad
very good - 100
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