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R-L.COMjuiced, singularity170xcredits2s
R-L.COM250xcreditslime bodacious [octane]16s
1200xcreditstitanium white draco
700xcreditsorange fennec
50xcreditsgrey haunted hoss
2800xcreditstitanium white hellfire
200xcreditstitanium white nomad gxt
1000xcreditscrimson octane
1300xcreditssky blue tremor: inverted
8800xcreditsblack tunica
600xcreditsdissolver [black market]
660xcreditsdueling dragons
1250xcreditsinterstellar [black market]
R-L.COMscorer dueling dragons blueprintcredits offer25s
interstellar [black market] blueprintcredits offer
striker stipple gait [black market] blueprintcredits offer
chipboardcredits offer
demon disc egcredits offer
crescent mooncredits offer
dolphinocredits offer
hot icecredits offer
nachocredits offer
blade wave: invertedcredits offer
R-L.COMinterstellar [black market]1400xcredits33s
parallax [black market]200xcredits
660xcreditsdueling dragons
black scorer fissurecredits offer
200xcreditstitanium white startrack
R-L.COM1800xcreditstitanium white zomba34s
900xcreditsblack zomba
700xcreditssky blue zomba
600xcreditscrimson zomba
500xcreditslime zomba
1700xcreditstitanium white sparkles
1100xcreditsgrey sparkles
800xcreditscobalt sparkles
700xcreditscrimson sparkles
700xcreditssky blue sparkles
R-L.COMcrimson cristiano360xcredits35s
sky blue cristiano340xcredits
saffron cristiano340xcredits
purple cristiano310xcredits
cobalt cristiano310xcredits
forest green cristiano310xcredits
titanium white astro-csx490xcredits
grey reaper520xcredits
titanium white emerald570xcredits
black emerald120xcredits
R-L.COMsky blue reaper1210xcredits54s
R-L.COMblack auger [global], black ferris, black mandalatakumi58s
R-L.COM1750xcreditstitanium white zomba59s
900xcreditsblack zomba
700xcreditssky blue zomba
600xcreditscrimson zomba
500xcreditslime zomba
500xcreditscobalt zomba
400xcreditspink zomba
400xcreditspurple zomba
400xcreditssaffron zomba
250xcreditsgrey zomba
R-L.COM350xcreditstitanium white almagest [global]1m6s
500xcreditstitanium white z-current [global]
1020xcreditstitanium white thanatos [octane]
310xcreditscrl northern [octane]
1100xcreditsburnt sienna apex
1020xcreditssky blue reaper
700xcreditssky blue reaper blueprint
720xcreditspink reaper
1000xcreditsburnt sienna dominus
DISCORD2600crundermin offer1m17s
black standard1150cr
black oem vr700cr
nci20cr each
ncvr15cr each
ncr10cr each
DISCORDgoalkeeper firegod, acrobat black thermal, black sterns, 2 tw octane rlcs 2021-2022, sky blue dominus rlcs 2021-2022, cristiano, pixelated multichrome shades, party time, 1 ncvr, 1 nci, pink vortex, forest green cert 20xx, forest green dune racer, unpainted dracos, 2 magmascredits, credits, credits, credits, credits, credits, credits, credits, credits, credits, credits, credits, credits, credits1m17s
DISCORDtw quasar iii140cr / offers1m17s
4ncvr20 each
DISCORDgold / tw / black halcyon revolved2k / 800cr / 800cr1m17s
tactician tw sparkles boost2000cr
unpainted interstellar1400cr
crimson fennec body1100cr
tactician unpainted fennec600cr
unpainted fennec body450cr
incantor purple trail350cr
golden gift basket150cr
fennec distortion decal100cr
octane distortion / tumbling blocks / snakeskin100cr
loads of cool banners100-200cr
R-L.COMlime ion9xoffer, credits offer1m19s
wet paint150cr
hex tide180cr
fire god420cr
lime standard200cr
scorer fire god500cr
tw pixelated shades multichrome400cr
tw / crimson / orange light show50 / 30 / 20cr
tw / purple / saffron chequered flag50 / 30 / 20cr
DISCORD[ usd 0.37- usd 38] crypto300k credits1m21s
[ usd 0.35 / eur 0.335] paypal f&f / blik300k credits
crypto / paypal f&f / blikvaluable items *--> buying with crypto [binance] \ paypal f&f \ blik --> 130+ rep on tc | 🇪🇺 🇵🇱 | can use mm*
DISCORD50wet paint1m21s
150storm watch
poly pop100
solar flare100
sub zero150
DISCORDtw interstellarcredits1m23s
orange octane350credits
crimson standard400cr+exotic or 450cr
DISCORD+ 20kgood offers undermin1m23s
20xx purple - fg1000 - 500 or offer
dingo tw900 or offer
fennec500 or offer
golden gift '21180 each
fennec liem700 or offer
10 - 10 - 60 crncvr - nci - nce
DISCORD[take all for 820c], 9 nce, alchemist wheel, jager, pixel fire boost [nci], 2 ncr + 2ncu100c each, 60c, 50c, 30c, 20c1m23s
DISCORDinterstellar1350 credits or item offers1m23s
black oem [very rare]710 credits or item offers
anodized pearl + 1 nce150 credits or item offers
DISCORDcrimson endo2001m23s
white guardian gxt150
white hotshot200
crimson jager200
maverick g1150
white sentinel100
DISCORD200k+ credits, 2 cert tw octanes,8 gold nuggets etc...cs go items and good offers1m23s
R-L.COM150xcreditsburnt sienna octane1m32s
550xcreditslime octane
cobalt octane450xcredits
850xcreditscrimson octane
grey octane400xcredits
orange octane350xcredits
350xcreditspink octane
400xcreditspurple octane
saffron octane350xcredits
800xcreditssky blue octane
R-L.COM10xnon-crate very rare offer150xcredits1m43s
titanium white interstellar [black market] blueprint150xcredits
gold halcyon: revolved2000xcredits
purple incantor350xcredits
titanium white tactician sparkles2000xcredits
tactician fennec600xcredits
crimson fennec1100xcredits
interstellar [black market]1400xcredits
golden gift basket '22150xcredits
R-L.COMdissolver [black market]900xcredits1m55s
crimson komodo250xcredits
burnt sienna mamba350xburnt sienna credits
peregrine tt80xcredits
lime tactician cyclone50xlime credits
titanium white scorer sentinel50xtitanium white credits
breakout type-s40xcredits
x-devil mk240xcredits
titanium white r3mx gxt40xtitanium white credits
titanium white tyranno gxt30xtitanium white credits
R-L.COMcrimson octane1000xcredits2m8s
lime octane650xcredits
black invader150xcredits
black vortex200xcredits
R-L.COM5xgolden gift '21750xcredits2m8s
5xgolden moon600xcredits
5xgolden gift basket '22600xcredits
R-L.COMcrimson octane1000xcredits2m9s
860xcreditssky blue octane
590xcreditslime octane
saffron octane350xcredits
grey octane400xcredits
purple octane480xcredits
pink octane430xcredits
360xcreditscobalt octane
270xcreditsorange octane
forest green octane250xcredits
R-L.COMnon-crate exotic offer80xcredits2m10s
3xnon-crate exotic offer240xcredits
non-crate import offer25xcredits
5xnon-crate import offer130xcredits
7xnon-crate import offer180xcredits
non-crate very rare offer20xcredits
5xnon-crate very rare offer100xcredits
10xnon-crate very rare offer200xcredits
15xnon-crate very rare offer300xcredits
23xnon-crate very rare offer440xcredits
R-L.COMforest green tyranno gxt30xcredits2m27s
saffron cosmosis30xcredits
forest green cosmosis30xcredits
toon sketch40xcredits
fennecnon-crate exotic offer
show-off huntress [fennec]90xcredits
turtle huntress [fennec]80xcredits
huntress [fennec]80xcredits
hny: inverted50xcredits
hny: inverted50xcredits
R-L.COM3xdingo blueprint, fennec blueprint, jackal blueprint, sniper jackal blueprint, mamba blueprint, sky blue nomad gxt, grey nomad gxt, vulcancredits offer, 4xor, offer, overpay, crimson muscle boy, forest green muscle boy2m34s
R-L.COMgrey maestro, grey boujee [global], grey halcyonoffer2m39s
R-L.COMmainframe [black market]600xcredits2m51s
DISCORDcrimson dueling dragons2800cr3m1s
crimson dueling dragons blueprint600cr
cobalt dueling dragons2800cr
cobalt dueling dragons blueprint600cr
R-L.COMgriffon [octane]70xcredits3m3s
dragon lord [octane]90xcredits
20xcreditsgale-fire [octane]
windblast [octane]90xcredits
roadkill [octane]140xcredits
shisa [octane]250xcredits
10xcreditsracer [octane]
purple zeus [fennec]240xcredits
edge burst [fennec]120xcredits
titanium white hardline [fennec]190xcredits
R-L.COMcrimson esoto 4r: inverted40xcredits3m9s
titanium white esoto 4r: inverted40xcredits
lime esoto 4r: inverted40xcredits
grey esoto 4r: inverted40xcredits
grey ferris20xcredits
burnt sienna ferris20xcredits
cobalt ferris20xcredits
orange ferris20xcredits
grey gadabout: inverted30xgrey credits
R-L.COM60xcreditstitanium white oem3m13s
HAVE: 3xkey
WANT: biomass
0 - bad
very good - 100
The RLI Trade Score indicates the quality of an offer based on going market prices on all analyzed sites by RL Insider. The Score takes into account item pricing, volatility and sellability but does not analyze trends.