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Rocket League XBOX Breakout Trades

R-L.COMvictor rl esports [breakout], tactician rl esports [breakout], rl esports [mudcat], killer griller [octane], funky medusa [dominus], lime asterias, grey show-off shima: , sea turtle, silent pandacredits offer11m25s
R-L.COMpink breakout240xcredits17m25s
R-L.COMtitanium white crl western [breakout]offer40m8s
R-L.COMorange crl western [breakout]credits offer45m17s
R-L.COMblack rlcs [breakout type-s]200xcredits55m20s
R-L.COMrl esports [breakout]50xcredits1h11m57s
R-L.COMcobalt shibuya [breakout]40xcobalt credits1h20m50s
R-L.COMjuggler rl esports [breakout]100xcredits1h36m59s
R-L.COMburnout, cobalt binary, froggy [breakout], pink mms headphones, stoic muffin, grey venom, burnt sienna juggler nimbuscredits offer1h53m38s
R-L.COMtitanium white octane, sky blue standard, crimson datastream, aviator metalstar, patriarch, rl esports [mudcat], rl esports [breakout], crimson werewolf, titanium white santa fe, forest green tunicacredits, credits offer, non-crate very rare offer, offer, 2ximport offer, exotic offer1h54m41s
R-L.COMmendoza, rl esports [breakout], aviator metalstar, aviator mendoza, copper crisis, razzle, neon runner, patriarch, gyre, rl esports [dominus]credits offer, exotic offer, 100xcredits, limited offer, non-crate very rare offer, very rare offer, black market offer1h54m58s
R-L.COMcrl western [breakout]100xcredits2h22m34s
striker rl esports [breakout]300xcredits
R-L.COMpink lone wolf [octane], scorer lone wolf [octane], striker snakeskin [breakout], lime goalkeeper funny book [octane zsr], purple shield glitch [global], titanium white dragon lord [octane] blueprint, lightspeed, grimalkin, lift-offnon-crate very rare offer, offer, import offer2h34m43s
R-L.COMtwinzer blueprint, titanium white dragon lord [octane] blueprint, saffron cromulon, pink unicorn, cobalt cromulon, aviator hex tide [black market] blueprint, cobalt astaroth [breakout], orange cromulon, mrs. avocadocredits offer, offer2h35m52s
R-L.COMsaffron funny book [breakout type-s]credits offer2h41m48s
R-L.COMsaffron crl western [breakout]100xcredits2h48m24s
orange crl western [breakout]100xcredits
R-L.COMgrey breakoutcredits offer2h54m58s
R-L.COMtitanium white breakout400xcredits2h56m15s
R-L.COMcobalt odd fish [animus gp], phoenix wings iii, saffron s'mored [breakout type-s], burnt sienna slimline [octane], cobalt splatter [dominus gt], purple staredown [dominus gt], vector [breakout], vector [takumi]100xcredits, non-crate very rare offer, offer, offer blueprint2h56m43s
R-L.COMsaffron shibuya [breakout] blueprint60xcredits3h5m43s
victor shibuya [breakout] blueprint50xcredits
shibuya [breakout] blueprint50xcredits
R-L.COMarboreal nightmare [dominus], fireworks [global], funky medusa [dominus], gift storm [global], lycan [breakout], nisse [breakout], quick fix ii [twinzer], sleet creeps [octane], winter waddle [dominus], whitewash [dominus]credits offer, non-crate very rare offer, uncommon offer, rare offer3h11m53s
R-L.COMlime scorer decenium, lime turtle astaroth [breakout], lime tactician suji [dominus], titanium white lone wolf [octane], black saptarishi, lime tactician griffon [octane], burnt sienna striker discotheque, titanium white sovereign a / t, burnt sienna sniper metalstar, black paragon velocecredits offer, offer, 2xparallax [black market]3h11m58s
R-L.COMblack shibuya [breakout] blueprint50xcredits3h12m5s
R-L.COMsaffron tactician hydro paint [global], titanium white turtle hydro paint [global], orange victor hydro paint [global], black hydro paint [global], cobalt hydro paint [global], crimson hydro paint [global], lime hydro paint [global], pink hydro paint [global], tactician chainsaw [breakout], titanium white goalkeeper mister monsoon [jager 619 rs]credits offer, non-crate very rare offer, rare offer3h13m41s
R-L.COMblack automaton, burnt sienna automaton, forest green automaton, purple automaton, grey automaton, saffron automaton, acrobat windswept [imperator dt5], snow devil [breakout], shibuya [breakout], aviator ripped comic [octane]non-crate very rare offer, uncommon offer, rare offer, credits offer3h13m52s
R-L.COMturtle astaroth [breakout], juggler dot matrix [dominus], turtle chantico [octane], titanium white formation [global], forest green lone wolf [octane], pink starlighter [jager 619 rs], cobalt staredown [dominus gt], crimson sundae [road hog], orange mosher [imperator dt5], titanium white mainliner [global]credits offer, non-crate very rare offer, uncommon offer, rare offer3h14m2s
R-L.COM3xrl esports [breakout]50xcredits3h16m30s
R-L.COMsweeper vice [breakout]100xcredits3h48m47s
vector [breakout]70xcredits
R-L.COMguardian crl western [breakout]100xcredits3h49m21s
sky blue crl western [breakout]150xcredits
R-L.COMhex tide [black market], titanium white breakoutoffer3h50m12s
R-L.COMbobcat [breakout]10xcredits4h7m57s
easter bunny [breakout]10xcredits
lycan [breakout]10xcredits
R-L.COMpurple tactician breakout300xcredits4h10m15s
R-L.COMburnt sienna sweeper breakout3xgolden lantern4h27m46s
R-L.COMripped comic [breakout]40xcredits4h30m48s
R-L.COMcrimson turtle breakout340xcredits4h31m50s
R-L.COMcrimson fractal fire, salty, saffron breakout, distortion [breakout], crimson sniper zomba blueprint, goalkeeper 20xx [black market] blueprint, snakeskin [jager 619 rs], pink atomizer blueprintdark matter, hellfire, dueling dragons4h40m22s
R-L.COMrl esports [breakout]50xcredits4h54m16s
R-L.COMforest green guardian shibuya [breakout] blueprint, fsl-b blueprint, 2k2 blueprint, zomba blueprint, mg-88 [octane] blueprint, dragon lord [octane] blueprint, lightspeed blueprint, zigzag blueprint, victor k2 blueprintuncommon offer5h2m18s
R-L.COMlime breakout100xlime credits5h25m6s
R-L.COMcrimson tsunami beam, sky blue merc, crimson guardian neo-thermal, grey tachyon, titanium white triplex, titanium white guardian breakout, grey hypnotik, crimson balla-carrà7xcredits offer5h44m58s
R-L.COMpurple striker breakoutpurple striker credits offer5h50m48s
forest green breakout140xforest green credits
titanium white astaroth [breakout]titanium white credits offer
purple crl western [breakout]100xpurple credits
crl western [breakout]50xcredits
lime what a save! [breakout]100xlime credits
R-L.COMwhat a save! [breakout]50xcredits6h14m17s
lime what a save! [breakout]100xcredits
R-L.COMgrey victor draco, atomizer, neuro-agitator, storm watch [black market], titanium white reactor, titanium white breakout, juggler raijin, playmaker gernot, scorer hypnotikcredits offer, black market offer, exotic offer, heatwave [black market]6h18m40s
R-L.COMfroggy [breakout]50xcredits6h22m11s
R-L.COMgoalkeeper rl esports [breakout]100xcredits6h27m15s
R-L.COMplaymaker vector [breakout]100xcredits6h28m29s
R-L.COMcobalt s'mored [breakout type-s]100xcredits6h30m37s
R-L.COM2xnoooo! [octane], rlcs [octane zsr], rlcs [breakout], 3xrlcs [dominus gt], rl esports [breakout], rl esports [mudcat]credits offer, offer6h32m32s
R-L.COMrlcs [breakout]50xcredits6h42m13s
rlcs [breakout type-s]50xcredits
R-L.COMlycan [breakout], orange juggler splashback [centio v17]breakout type-s6h47m40s
HAVE: 3xkey
WANT: biomass
0 - bad
very good - 100
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